Withdrawal of an Allottee from a Scheme shall only be permitted where a wait list exists as Dwelling Units are constructed based on the demand from the allottees. The procedure for withdrawal or cancellation of allotment for any scheme is different at different stages :

DEMAND SURVEY STAGE (Deduction of Rs.1000/-)

Personnel who apply for Demand Survey, but do not wish to register when the scheme is launched will be refunded Demand Survey amount without any interest and after deduction of Administrative fees of Rs 1000/-. Also, in case of personnel withdrawing before the scheme is launched shall be refunded the Demand Survey amount after deduction of Administrative fees of Rs 1000/-. Further, the Society may refund the registration amount on its own without any interest, in case there is inordinate delay in launching the scheme or the scheme is dropped for any reason.


Personnel who wish to withdraw after registering for any housing scheme, shall be refunded the amount deposited by them after deduction of 15% of total cost of the booked dwelling unit. After commencement of construction of a housing scheme, no amount shall be refunded on withdrawal. However, transfer/re-sale is permitted after payment of 50% of total cost of the Dwelling Unit as per AFWHO policies.