demand survey

What is a Demand Survey?

What is a Demand Survey?

What is a Demand Survey?

Demand surveys play a crucial role in evaluating and determining the feasibility of proposed housing projects or schemes. These surveys help to determine the level of interest among potential buyers in the project and to identify any potential barriers to its success. The surveys also help to gauge the demand for specific types of housing, such as affordable or luxury housing, and to assess the market conditions that may affect the project’s success. By conducting demand surveys, housing developers and organisations can make informed decisions about whether to proceed with a particular project or plan and how to tailor the project to meet the needs and preferences of potential buyers.

At AFWHO, we periodically conduct demand surveys to assess the viability of launching new housing projects or plans, always taking our members’ interests into account. This approach allows us to ensure that our members have access to affordable, high-quality housing options.

AFWHO, carefully evaluates all essential aspects of a housing project during our demand surveys, such as its location and accessibility to critical amenities like markets, hospitals, schools, and other public conveniences. Based on the survey findings, we create a comprehensive action plan for implementing the project.

The demand survey for our housing project or scheme is available on our website and is also distributed to our members via mail and other communication channels.

For more information regarding the application procedure, withdrawal process, the final day to apply, terms and conditions, and other details, please contact our support team.

Who can participate?

The demand surveys are conducted by AFWHO from time to time to assess and ascertain feasibility of any proposed housing project or scheme and is available for the following category of personnel and their families: