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At AFWHO, we're committed to transforming the world and passionate about making an impact. We envision a better future for our clients, our staff, our earth, and our communities.

Armed Forces Welfare Housing Organization (AFWHO) is one of the most established real estate organization that is dedicatedly functioning with the sole objective of initiating, promoting and executing the housing needs for the serving and retired Armed Forces Officials including the Para Military and Police Forces, Central and state Government employees.

The organization has a strong team of professionals from diverse backgrounds which enables us to better understand our clients and also strengthens our culture, encourages innovation and give quality assistance they look forward for buying residential projects. We look into all aspects including location, land records, scope for future appreciation and returns from the project etc. before providing effective and efficient solutions to our members and providing them with the best cost effective solutions.

We are focused on putting in untiring efforts and leave no stone unturned to fulfil our members’ housing needs. We firmly believe that we will go a long way in fulfilling our members’ aspirations of owning their dream home, well within their budget.

Trustworthy organization, fostering confidence and satisfaction, dedicated to providing a moral and reliable marketplace experience for customers.

Our mission is to provide best possible service to our members and to act in the best interest of our members and provide them with the best possible customized housing solutions.

To provide our members with cutting-edge, specialist solutions and to aid them in making wise decisions when buying their ideal house or plot of land.

Honesty, transparency, and loyalty are fundamental to us. We uphold these values in everything we do, ensuring trust and integrity at every step.

Captain (IN) Sandip Kapoor
President, AFWHO


Armed Forces Welfare Housing Organisation (AFWHO) is a social welfare organisation that has been established with the sole aim of meeting the housing needs (including the second house) of our men in uniform, who are unable to amicably look into this requirement due to their operational deployment in far-flung areas and other service exigencies.

Besides housing, which is the prime need of a soldier deployed to defend our motherland, the trust also has plans to work for the welfare and facilitate the rehabilitation of the retired soldiers and their families. The trust also has plans to work for the rehabilitation and welfare of war widows and the wards of our martyred soldiers.

I am confident that our organisation is leaving no stone unturned towards providing our members with the best quality housing options (including second housing) in the cities of their choice. The trust gets involved in conducting a preliminary demand survey at various locations to ascertain the needs in particular and the demand at large in a city or specific areas before getting into negotiations with the developers and launching a dedicated project.

I would like to assure all members that the trust looks into all aspects, including location, land records, scope for future appreciation and returns from the project, etc. before finalising and launching a project for its members.

I assure all the members and the future members that the trust is putting in untiring efforts and will leave no stone unturned to serve your housing needs. I firmly believe that AFWHO will go a long way towards fulfilling the aspirations and needs of its members in owning a dream home of their choice in the location they want, which will be well within their budget.

Thank You


Captain (IN) Sandip Kapoor (Retd.)  is the President of AFWHO. He was commissioned in the Executive Branch of the Indian Navy in July 1989. And the officer, after putting in a glorious 30 years of service, retired prematurely in June 2018. During his tenure of almost 30 years in the Indian Navy, the officer has gained vast experience in various appointments. For the last 7.5 years of his naval career, the officer served in the Air Force Naval Housing Board (AFNHB) as Project Director of the AFNHB Project at New Town, Kolkata, followed by General Manager (Admin & Land Acquisition) at AFNHB Headquarters, New Delhi.

Post retirement in June 2018, Captain (IN) Sandip Kapoor has involved himself in welfare activities for the society in general and for the personnel of the armed forces in particular.

WG Cdr AK Suri
Vice President, AFWHO


WG Cdr AK Suri (Retd.) Anil worked as an administrative officer in the Indian Air Force for 30 years, overseeing all administrative services. He holds an M.A., LLB, and MBA from DU. He has undergone the Advanced Work Study course and the Capital Works course and has served as a project director for AFNHB. With the aim of providing security and reliability in the real estate business, we strive for excellence in our services and ensure your peace of mind.

Mr.Nitin Choudhary
Secretary, AFWHO
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Nitin, who has a vast experience of 15 years in marketing and sales and experience in the real estate sector, spearheads teams of diverse marketers in creating excellent digital content and social marketing experiences for the brand organization through effective storytelling. He is also responsible for overseeing various aspects of the organization, including field service, learning and training, talent acquisition, and overall operations.